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Turmtheater gmГјnd

Turmtheater GmГјnd

turmtheater gmГјnd

Regensburg is situated on the northernmost part of the Danube river at the geological crossroads of four distinct landscapes :. Regensburg straddles the humid continental Dfb and oceanic Cfb climate zones under the Köppen climate classification.

While the average temperature of 8. The average precipitation of millimetres For the newer period from — the average temperature and precipitation rose up to 8.

As this increase in the average temperature can also be seen in the other cities, Regensburg still ranks fifth place shared with Ingolstadt and Kiel in the above-mentioned ranking.

The warmest month of the year, on average, is July. The coolest month of the year, on average, is January. Regensburg includes the largest medieval old town north of the Alps with nearly 1, listed buildings and a picturesque cityscape.

Its most famous sights are located mainly in the Old Town, such as:. Near Regensburg there are two very imposing Classical buildings , erected by Ludwig I of Bavaria as national monuments to German patriotism and greatness: [17].

The abbey is situated on a peninsula in the Danube, on the so-called "Weltenburg Narrows" or "Danube Gorge".

The monastery, founded by Irish or Scottish monks in about , is held to be the oldest monastery in Bavaria. To the east of Regensburg lies the Bavarian Forest with its National Park , one of the most visited protected areas in Germany.

Regensburg is on the designated heritage route, the Route of Emperors and Kings. Altogether Regensburg is home to 20 museums.

Among the most prominent museums are for instance the Regensburg Museum of History which shows history, culture and arts of Regensburg and Eastern Bavaria from the Stone Age to the present.

Its main attractions are an original torture chamber and the Reichssaal, the rooms occupied by the Imperial diet from to Over the last years, the city added several outdoor museums to its cultural landscape, the so-called document sites.

These give an overview on specific topics such as Roman , Jewish and Bavarian history. Besides, there are the diocese museums Bistumsmuseen of Regensburg and a branch of the Bavarian National Museum located in the St.

The Domschatzmuseum where church treasures, monstrances and tapestries are displayed is in St. Peter's Cathedral.

To celebrate its centenary, the State of Bavaria will [ out of date ] open the museum of Bavarian history in Regensburg in May Besides, there are guided tours in most of the historical monuments of Regensburg, as well as organized tourist tours through the city available in several languages.

The Regensburg Theater at the Bismarckplatz is years old and is the most important theater of the city. Operas, operettas, musicals and ballets are shown.

In summer, open-air performances are carried out as well. With the theater at the Bismarckplatz as the oldest and largest one, the Regensburg theater has four other stages with programmes that complement each other: [19] in the Neuhaussaal of the theater at the Bismarckplatz, concerts by the Philharmonic Orchestra Regensburg take place.

The Velodrom Theater presents musicals and plays. In the Haidplatz Theater mainly literary and modern plays are performed, whereas the Turmtheater at the Goliathplatz shows modern plays as well, but also cabarets, musicals and plays for children.

Regensburg is home to the famous Regensburger Domspatzen. The Regensburger Schlossfestspiele has been held in the inner courtyard of the St.

Emmeram's Abbey every July from , sponsored by the former princely house of Thurn und Taxis. Modern music styles, especially jazz , are presented every summer during the Bavarian Jazz weekend during which over a hundred bands, combos, and soloists perform in the Old Town.

In , the House of Music was opened, giving a home to skilled musicians and their education. The international short film season is hosted annually in Regensburg.

It is a non-profit event and takes place every March, being one of the most important of its type in Germany.

Aside, there are several cinemas, such as CinemaxX, the largest one showing blockbusters and arthouse films , and smaller independent cinemas such as Garbo, Ostentor Kino and Regina Filmtheater.

Regensburg has two open air cinemas as well. Although the German language is of course Germany's official language, Regensburg is considered a part of the Bavarian dialect language area bairischer Sprachraum which encompasses much of Bavaria , Austria , and the South Tyrolean region of northern Italy.

Regarding the dialect , Regensburg has a rich history and culture. The oldest dictionary in the world based on a dialect is thought to be Johann Ludwig Prasch's Glossarium Bavaricum.

Published in Regensburg in , it contains words from the Bavarian variation spoken in Regensburg.

Manfred Rohm, whose pen name Sepp Grantelhauer takes on the Bavarian verb granteln for "to complain," writes a weekly satirical column solely in Bavarian for the Regensburger Rundschau.

The Old Town of Regensburg with nearly 1, listed buildings offers a huge cultural diversity from Roman to modern times.

The Old Town of Regensburg is surrounded completely by a green belt. Numerous inner-city parks like the City Park Stadtpark , the Herzogspark , the Dörnbergpark , the Villapark or the university's botanical garden are a source for recreation and leisure.

The city of Regensburg has erected several memorials to combat racism , intolerance towards minorities, and all other forms of contempt for human dignity :.

Particular to Regensburg are the so-called Stolpersteine stumbling stones in honor of Jews deported during Nazism.

Twice a year the Regensburg Dult takes place. This is the city's Volksfest , which is Bavaria's fourth largest. The Bürgerfest citizen celebration in the Old Town is held every two years, attracting over , visitors.

Every second weekend in July, people dressed as knights and other medieval characters come together at the Regensburg Spectaculum, a medieval market, near the Stone Bridge.

Every December, there are several Christmas markets all over the city. With over bars, restaurants, clubs, and other venues in the inner city alone, Regensburg provides a rich and diverse nightlife due to its young population.

In May , Regensburg had , inhabitants , [28] making it the fourth largest city in Bavaria. Over the last hundred years, the city has experienced a strong increase in population, surpassing , inhabitants in due to Germans who were ethnically cleansed from eastern parts of the Third Reich , especially from the Sudetenland.

Today, Regensburg is one of the fastest-growing cities in Germany. Most of them come from Turkey and Central and Eastern Europe : [29].

A majority of Regensburg's population is Roman Catholic. In , about The mayor and the City Council are elected for a period of six years.

Both elections take place at the same time. The City Council is composed of 51 members and includes the mayor, two deputy mayors, five counsellors and the other council members.

The municipal elections in Bavaria of delivered the following results:. After 18 years of a City Council with conservative majority, the social-democratic candidate, Joachim Wolbergs, became mayor of Regensburg in May He was succeeded by Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer in May , who is also a social-democratic politician.

Each borough contains a number of localities Ortsteile , which can have historic roots in older municipalities that became urbanized and incorporated into the city.

Regensburg is twinned with:. Regensburg's economy counts among the most dynamic and fastest growing in Germany. Continental AG , with the headquarters of its car component business, Osram Opto-Semiconductors and Siemens as well as Infineon , the former Siemens semiconductor branch, provide a high level of innovation and technical development in Regensburg.

GE Aviation founded a greenfield site to innovate, develop and produce turbinemachinery components with a new manufacturing casting technology.

The hidden champions Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen MR and Krones both are headquartered in or close to Regensburg and are among the major employers.

Aside from the industrial sector, tourism contributes a lot to Regensburg's economical growth, especially since , when the city gained status as UNESCO World Heritage site.

The University of Regensburg , the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences and mercantile trade also play major roles in Regensburg's economy.

Increasingly, biotech companies were founded in Regensburg over the last two decades and have their headquarters and laboratories in the city's "BioPark".

Another focus is on information technology , with the city running a start-up centre for IT firms. One of these former start-ups, CipSoft GmbH , now is a known video game company still based in Regensburg.

The city recorded , overnight hotel stays and , hotel guests in In , Regensburg was ranked as a Top travel attraction in Germany by international tourists.

Regensburg's energy is mainly supplied by the German company E. ON , one of the world's largest electric utility service providers.

Its subsidiary Bayernwerk runs the local hydropower station in the Danube River. In , about 9. Therefore, the municipal government presented an energy plan in , which should enhance the transformation towards renewable energy sources over the next decade.

Regensburg hosts one of the most modern university hospitals in Europe, the Universitätsklinikum Regensburg. Aside, there are several other renowned hospitals such as the Krankenhaus Barmherzige Brüder and the St.

In the Bezirksklinikum , mental diseases are treated. With The city's BioPark, representing Bavaria's second largest biotech cluster, hosts numerous research institutions and biotech companies.

Regensburg is known for its institutions of higher education. The biggest of those is the University of Regensburg. Founded in , it is one of Germany's youngest institutions and ranked among the Top universities worldwide.

The campus is situated in one area together with the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the research centres and institutes of the universities, there are several research institutions situated in the city of Regensburg.

Regensburg is home to 18 elementary schools. There are several institutions of secondary education , both public and private, representing all levels of the German school system.

There are eight Gymnasien in Regensburg, five Realschulen , six Hauptschulen and four vocational schools so-called Berufsschulen.

In addition, there are several folk high schools with different specialisations. SSV Jahn Regensburg is the local football club and attracts a fairly large local following.

The team was part of a larger sports club founded in as Turnerbund Jahn Regensburg which took its name from Friedrich Ludwig Jahn , whose ideas of gymnastics greatly influenced German sport in the 19th century.

The football department was created in The footballers and swimmers left their parent club in to form Sportbund Jahn Regensburg.

EV Regensburg is the local ice hockey club, currently playing in the Oberliga Süd , Germany's third highest professional league.

Regensburg Legionäre is the baseball and softball club from Regensburg. The team is also known as Buchbinder Legionäre, following a sponsorship of the Buchbinder company.

The club plays in the German Bundesliga and is one of the most famous and most successful baseball clubs in Germany.

Several players now in the MLB formerly played at the club. Its arena, Armin-Wolf-Arena, was built in and has a capacity of 10, spectators, making it to Germany's largest baseball stadium.

The Interior of Regensburg Cathedral. The Stone Bridge and Regensburg Cathedral by night. The Danube seen from the Stone Bridge.

Monument of Don Juan de Austria. Emmeram's Abbey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the district, see Regensburg district.

For the similarly named Swiss municipality, see Regensberg. For other uses, see Regensburg disambiguation. For other uses, see Ratisbonne disambiguation.

Not to be confused with Regen. Place in Bavaria, Germany. Coat of arms. Location of Regensburg. Of the three Imperial Abbeys in Regensburg, Niedermünster had already acquired immediacy in , St.

Marketing Consultant. Fast Food Restaurant. Financial Services. Retail and Consumer Merchandise. Educational Organization. Outdoor Recreation.

Youth Organization. Junior High School. Italian Restaurant. Advertising Agency. Barbecue Restaurant. Adult Entertainment.

Specialty Grocery Store. Children's Clothing Store. Thrift or Consignment Store. Sports Instruction. Government Organization.

Real Estate Service. Mexican Restaurant. American Restaurant. Engineering Service. Men's Clothing Store. Tex-Mex Restaurant. Take Out Restaurant.

Merchandising Service. Automotive Manufacturing.

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Retail and Consumer Merchandise. Educational Organization. Outdoor Recreation. Youth Organization. Junior High School. Italian Restaurant.

Advertising Agency. Barbecue Restaurant. Adult Entertainment. Specialty Grocery Store. Children's Clothing Store.

Thrift or Consignment Store. Sports Instruction. Government Organization. Real Estate Service.

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Turmtheater GmГјnd

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